Big Data and Personal­ization

See how mail that reaches 100% of your electorate can remain deeply personal

Delivering the right messages to the right people is what makes direct mail so effective. Powered by your big data analytics, direct mail allows you to:

  • Hyper-personalize campaign messages.
  • Use your campaign’s data to target your audience.
  • Create a high-impact call-to-action.

Your big data analytics dig down past surface demographics to uncover more detailed and personal information about your electorate. In the past, campaigns were driven by static voter and consumer data. For example, you might have previously known the age and location of a specific constituent. Now, by leveraging engagement data from Facebook or Twitter, you learn that he fishes, drives a Ford F-150, and, most importantly, that he is a veteran.

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Technology has empowered consumers and voters to choose what advertising they see. Mail is the only remaining advertising medium that can reach every targeted voter.

Hal Malchow
Award-winning political strategist and voter-targeting pioneer


Tapping into relevant data from a wide variety of sources— from social media to digital and transactional behavior to market research—gives you valuable insight into who your voters are. When you understand what makes people tick, you can speak directly to what matters to them most. Your big data and cloud analytics make it possible to identify voters based on specific, relevant information such as:
  • Political issues and concerns.
  • Previous voting habits.
  • Age, geography, ethnicity.
  • Recent online and offline behavior.
  • Interests.
Don’t underestimate the power of a good mailing list  Clean, accurate mailing lists are critical to reaching potential voters with the right messages. To make sure you’re reaching your target audience, it’s important to:
  • Determine the accuracy and cleanliness of your current address lists.
  • Develop test mailings to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Evaluate your overall campaign strategy to include direct mail.


  • We offer Address Quality Analysis (AQA) to help make sure your house lists are up to date and deliverable— helping reduce mailing errors and saving your campaign both time and money.
  • Because USPS delivers to virtually every address in the United States, we can help you reach your electorate.
  • Our Direct Mail Representatives can show you how to evaluate your analytics to increase relevancy and response rates.
Direct mail is the next best thing to going door to door  Direct mail is the only medium that delivers your campaign messages in person. Add your big data into the mix and you can:
  • Customize your message to appeal to specific groups and swing voters.
  • Use your data to micro-target specific audiences by age, gender, ethnicity, and even by relevant issues.
Looking at voter behavior as it relates to specific audience segments can help you better personalize your messages

Here are some examples:

Age. Young adults, 24 and younger, are among the most mail-responsive groups today.1 14,945,000 Millennials reported voting in 2014.2 Baby Boomers and Gen Xers reported the highest voting rates.

Gender. In 2014, 43 % of women reported voting (49,243,000) compared with 40.8 % of men (43,009,000).1

Ethnicity. Reported voting rates include: non-Hispanic Whites (45.8 %), non-Hispanic Blacks (40.6 %), non-Hispanic Asians (26.9 %), and Hispanics (27%).1

Topic. Direct mail can also help you deliver specific messages related to issue advocacy hot topics such as healthcare, gun control, immigration reform, environmental concerns, and other ballot measures and initiatives.

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