Political Mail Notices, Inquiries, And Tag 57


During the 2018 midterm election cycle, the United States Postal Service delivered a record 3 billion pieces of Political Mail. To prepare for an uptick in volume this cycle, USPS developed an online form for customers to initiate Political Mail Notices or Political Mail Inquiries. USPS requires that a separate notice or inquiry be sent for each mailing.



Political Mail Notices


A Political Mail Notice alerts Post Office™ facilities and delivery units about a customer’s incoming mailing. Customers are highly encouraged to submit their information through the form at least two days in advance of the mail’s arrival at a facility. A USPS® Political Mail Strategist will also receive confirmation of the notice.

Political Mail Inquiries


A Political Mail Inquiry notifies the appropriate Post Office facility or Business Mail Entry Unit, the receiving unit, and a Political Mail Strategist of issues related to a political mailing. Customers may use the form to initiate an inquiry and report concerns such as delivery delays or damaged, misdelivered, or undelivered mail.

Tag 57


The Postal Service recommends the use of the red Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, to identify trays, sacks, and pallets that contain political campaign mail. Although use of the tag is optional, when used it provides greater visibility and makes your mail easily identifiable as it moves through processing and distribution operations.

Types of Political Mail



Any material mailed at First-Class Mail® or USPS Marketing Mail® shipping prices for political campaign purposes by:

  • Registered political candidates
  • Campaign committees
  • Committees of a political party


Any material mailed at First-Class Mail or USPS Marketing Mail prices by:

  • PACs
  • Super PACs
  • Any organization engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization

First-Class Mail items are delivered within 2 to 5 days, consistent with USPS delivery standards. USPS Marketing Mail items (regular and nonprofit) are delivered within 3 to 10 days.

How to use Tag 57

1     Obtain Tag 57 by contacting your local Post OfficeTM facility or Business Mail Entry Unit.

2     Affix a Tag 57 to the front end of each tray, to the strap or label holder of each sack, or to the top four corners of each pallet (under the shrink wrap) when packaging your mailing.

3     Complete Postal Statement Form 3600 (First Class Mail®) or 3602 (USPS Marketing Mail®) electronically through Postal Wizard® or by hard copy, and mark “Yes” when asked if your mail is Political Mail.

4     Complete the web form located at tools.usps.com/political-mail.htm.

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