September 30, 2023

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Why a voter-driven media mix is critical to your campaign success

Significant campaign funds, resources, and time investments go into your communication strategy.

It’s not an overstatement to say that getting your media mix right is critical to your ability to deliver the win. So what do we mean by voter driven? It’s all about meeting your constituents where they are, whether it’s on their phone, their laptop, or at their mailbox.

The days of siloed campaigns are gone.

Today’s voters move fluidly between channels. That’s why it’s important that all your communication vehicles—print, emails, social posts, web platforms, fundraising, etc. support each other in a unified way. This helps ensure your campaign puts out a clear message that is continually reinforced everywhere where your constituents engage.

When your media mix is optimized, you’re amplifying your opportunity to win over voters and donors.

So how can you effectively choose the best media mix? With a targeted, omni-channel media strategy. Throughout our daily lives, we switch between our digital and physical worlds. Your media mix needs to mirror this with a combination of online and offline channels—to help ensure you reach voters at every touch point.

Meet voters where they are with direct mail.

Direct mail innovations bridge the online-offline worlds for voters. And with an Informed Delivery campaign, direct mail can actually become a digital channel. When you integrate and sequence your mail campaigns with digital channels, it’s a highly effective media mix that helps ensure your messaging breaks through.

58% of surveyed voters go online to seek more information about a campaign or race after receiving campaign mail.1

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74% of marketers agree that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response rate, and conversion rates over all other channels used.2

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As the 2024 election cycle kicks into gear, now is the time to strategize your media mix to maximize your results.

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