August 30, 2023

Close up of an American flag illustration on the sidewall of a row of voting booths.

How to turn midterm election research into a win in 2024

What did the 2022 post-election research tell us? That a personalized, authentic connection can help you win over voters in 2024.

And to connect with voters, you need to know what makes them tick. It starts with looking at who they are and understanding what really drives them to act.

Now is the time to dig into voter demographics and psychographics to uncover key information that you can use to deliver a message that connects on that deeper level. How you deliver that message also matters. It’s become critical to communicate to voters through a channel that is trusted.

That’s the power of direct mail. Voters trust it more than any other medium.

It’s a fact: 64% of voters surveyed said that direct mail remains the most credible political advertising channel.1

When you add direct mail to your media mix, you are driving voters to take action.

After reading a political direct mail piece:1

  • 60% said they followed that race more closely.
  • 58% said that direct mail drove them to search online to learn more about that race.
  • 39% started following the candidate on social media.

So what’s the next step?

Take the time to get to know who your voters are. Dig into the demographics. And use the credibility and tangibility of direct mail to deliver a personalized message that stands out, persuades, and drives action.

The Growing Impact of Direct Mail

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