April 1, 2024

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Choosing the best channels for your campaign starts with a plan

As the election cycle heats up, every minute counts. Wasting time on the wrong channels can cost you valuable budget dollars and, most importantly, votes.

So how do you ensure you’re choosing the right channels? You need a plan—one that’s actionable, informed, and tailored to your specific goals, budget, and audience.

But ultimately, your success comes down to choosing channels that forge a trusted connection with voters at key points during election cycles—not easy to do in today’s charged political climate.

While digital remains a key channel, many voters simply don’t trust online ads the way they do more traditional channels such as direct mail.

63 percent

63% of surveyed voters believe mail is the most credible political advertising channel.1

57% of voters consider direct mail persuasive, higher than every other political advertising channel except television.1

57 percent


Focus on milestone dates.

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  • Send campaign mail that reminds voters of critical milestones like upcoming polling dates and highlights the various ways they can act.

  • Remind constituents of vote-by-mail deadlines (in states that offer this option).


Get a head start.

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  • Voters want to get to know your candidate, so sharing details like personal bios, party affiliation, and voting records via mail early in the election cycle can help lock down their vote and create an advocate.

  • As your campaign progresses, shift your messaging to other topics that drive voter decision-making and action, like detailed stances on local or domestic issues.


Personalize your campaigns.

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  • Appealing to individual voter demographics can help your campaign build more authentic connections.
  • 55% of American’s voters today feel it’s important to receive personalized campaign mail.1


Impact young voters.

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  • Include digital elements like a QR Code® in your mail to drive them to social media pages.

  • 43% of Gen Z voters donate or become more politically active after reading campaign mail.1

Bottom line.

Choosing the right channels and aligning your direct mail strategy to your campaign priorities can be your winning ticket to influence, engage, and activate voters.

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