February 15, 2024

Close up of hands holding a smartphone.

Want to give your campaigns that extra push to drive voters to act in 2024? Digital enhancements are your winning ticket.

The starting point for every successful campaign is engagement.

Getting voters to hone in on your campaign amidst the avalanche of political ads during an election cycle can be a challenge, to say the least. So how do you get past their inner gatekeeper to connect? By integrating digital enhancements like augmented reality into your campaign mail to deliver an engaging experience that drives action.

Is your campaign really resonating?

Not only do digital enhancements help increase engagement, they also capture real-time data to deliver campaign metrics like responses and click-throughs—valuable insights that can help you gauge what’s working and what isn’t.

Here are some options—to help you determine which ones fit best into your campaigns.

Augmented reality

This immersive technology works by layering digital graphics over the user’s environment to deliver a memorable experience.

How to use it: Integrate an augmented reality (AR) visual trigger into your campaign mail that voters can engage with using their smartphone cameras.

Illustration of a phone hovering over an object.
Illustration of a mail piece with an arrow pointing at a bubble with a person inside.

Personalized URL

Personalized URLs (PURLs) are an effective way to connect with voters on an individual level, allowing them to feel that you know who they are.

How to use it: Include a PURL in your campaign mail piece that goes to a unique landing page for each voter—to easily track response and engagement rates.

QR Codes®

These small but mighty codes have made a big comeback. With QR Code® scanning functionality now built into most smartphones, voters can easily engage with your digital content across platforms.

How to use it: Add a QR Code to easily transport voters online to watch video clips of your candidate’s speeches or to a donation page and track their web activity.

Illustration of a hand holding a smartphone.
Illustration of an envelope sticking out of a mailbox layered in front of a computer monitor.

Informed Delivery

With an engaged Informed Delivery® user base of 56+ million,1 this next-generation mail technology provides voters with a digital capture of your physical direct mail piece to their inbox—before it arrives in their mailbox.

How to use it: Create an Informed Delivery interactive mail campaign and add a URL to drive voters to your campaign website. You can also allow voters to social share your mail piece right from the notification.

Screenshot image of the Informed Delivery User Interaction Map, built to showcase the number of Informed Delivery users by state and zip code.

Data Visualization Tool

Explore this innovative tool with an interactive map that lets you gauge the potential reach of an Informed Delivery campaign.

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