Dive into Campaign Headquarters

Where every political journey finds its magical start

Behind every campaign, there’s a crew of dedicated characters, each with their own special set of skills, working tirelessly behind the scenes with one goal in mind: winning.

[tranquil classical music playing]

[Opening scene: An animated illustration of a campaign headquarters building towers above the sidewalk. American flags flank the entrance and “Vote” signs hang on the facade. The scene zooms into the window, and we see a bustling office inside.]

[Narrator: “Ah, yes. Campaign headquarters. That magical place where the campaign journey begins.”]

[Animation: A large, open-concept office space shows a hive of activity. Volunteers, campaign staff, and strategists are engaged in various tasks, from making phone calls and organizing events to coordinating outreach efforts. The constant hum of conversations and the ringing of phones create a lively background noise.]

[office humming]

[Narrator: “It’s a tough journey but candidates don’t face it alone. No, no. They’re supported by a hardworking and dedicated team. A team of unique…. characters. Yes, that’s right, characters. Like this one over here.”]

[Animation: We focus on a staffer seated at an orderly desk, effortlessly juggling multiple tasks with a smile on her face. As she reviews and signs off on multiple drafts, she keeps one hand rapidly typing on the keyboard while simultaneously answering a phone with the other. Despite the fast-paced environment, she seamlessly toggles between tasks before putting her feet up on her desk to enjoy a spare moment of respite.]

[Narrator: “The multitasker. You know, the real don’t-worry-I’ve-got-this type. A virtuoso of organized chaos, they thrive amidst the storm. But fear not. While this may look crazy, there’s a lot of coordination behind it.”]

[Animation: Papers fly, transitioning to the next scene. Here, we see a different staffer positioned in front of a large bulletin board that dominates his workspace. Using strings and tacks, he illustrates the intricate relationships between campaign timelines, milestones, demographics, and maps. His focus is unwavering as he scrutinizes every single detail.]

[Narrator: “Meet the extreme planner. He’s busy mapping the campaign down to the second of each day—even blocking off calendars for things you wouldn’t think you need planned.”]

[toilet flushing]

[Narrator: “Nothing surprises these masters of time. Their plans have plans on how to plan them. They—”]

[phone ringing and vibrating]

[Narrator: “They also—”]

[intensifying phone ringing and vibrating]

[Narrator: “They also know—”]

[intensifying phone ringing and vibrating]

[Narrator: “They also know exactly how to—”]

[multiple phones jingling and buzzing]

[Narrator, shouting: “OKAY, WE’RE MOVING ON!”]

[Animation: The scene tracks quickly to the right, and we see a new staffer sitting patiently at his desk, steepling his fingertips as if he’s waiting for a response. An arsenal of communication tools surrounds him. His sly, knowing expression suggests that he doesn’t mind being perceived as persistent and takes pride in being the relentless voice of the campaign.]

[Narrator, sighing: “Finally, we come to—you guessed it—the over- communicator. He’s been calling, texting, and emailing us since we’ve been here.”]

[digital notification jingling]

[Narrator: “Some of his methods are a little… unconventional.”]

[hawk screeching]

[Narrator: “But nothing can stop his messages from getting through. No one can hide.”]

[incessant pinging]

[Animation: The scene transitions to a triple split- screen showing the three distinctive characters side by side. On the right stands the extreme planner. In the center, the multitasker. On the left is the over- communicator. They each stand with their arms crossed, united in their efforts to drive the campaign forward.]

[Narrator: “In the heart of every campaign headquarters, you’ll find characters like these. But among them, lies a common purpose. Winning.”]

[crowd cheering]

[Animation: We zoom out of the frame and transition to a staffer’s point of view. We look down to see the three characters with hands placed together, one on top of the other, in a team stack. Their hands release and reveal a collage of celebratory winning stickers, campaign buttons, and postcards.]

[Narrator: “And to win—and win again—you need the unique solutions that direct mail tailors for every persona.”]

[Animation: The scene tracks to the right where we see an overhead view of a campaign mail brief next to direct mail samples, a ruler, and pencil. A staffer’s hand circles an image of mail with red ink. We look up to the wall where we see notes, printouts, and snapshots forming a visual roadmap of campaign outreach efforts. We zoom out, and a “Vote 2024” sign dangles from above. Two arms holding bullhorns reach up from below.]

[Narrator: “From integrating messages across channels to cutting through the noise and connecting with the right voters—direct mail can give your campaign the edge it deserves.”]

[voice shouting through bullhorn]

[Animation: The scene transitions to an overhead view of voter cards stacked neatly on a work surface. We see the arms of multiple staffers, pinning the cards strategically across a map of the United States. We zoom out to see the image of the same map on a computer screen. A campaign staffer sits at her desk, pausing to drink from a mug as she views the screen.]

[Narrator: “Picture the power to deliver personalized messages that resonate directly to your target demographics as early and as often as you need—all from the coziness of your cubicle.”]

[printer humming]

[Animation: The scene transitions to a framed political postcard on the wall. A campaign ribbon appears with a checkmark inside, as two candidates’ arms come into view, giving a thumbs- up of approval. We zoom into the postcard, and it transforms into an American flag backdrop behind three candidates on a debate stage. Confetti rains down as a spotlight shines on the winning candidate.]

[Narrator: “In fact, almost two- thirds of voters said mail was the most credible form of political advertising. No matter who’s steering the ship this election cycle, direct mail is an effective way to make your campaign stand out.]

[Text on screen: Source: “The Growing Impact of Direct Mail,” 2023.]

[Narrator: “Direct mail. Deliver the win.”]

[Animation: The scene transitions to a white screen with the United States Postal Service logo and a website URL.]

[Text on screen: DeliverTheWin.com]

[End of video]

Who’s who on your team?

Illustration of a hardworking campaign staffer sitting at an organized work desk. She is multitasking and engaging with various activities in a focused atmosphere.

The Multitasker

The maestros of organizing chaos. They thrive amidst the storm.

illustration of a busy campaign staffer working meticulously on a wall-sized vision board. He exudes a sense of precision, dedication, and strategic organization.

The Extreme Planner

They have back-up plans for their back-up plans. Surprises don’t exist in their world.

Illustration of a confident campaign staffer, sitting calmly at his desk surrounded by an array of communication tools. He wears a menacing expression, waiting for a reply to his many methods of outreach.

The Over-Communicator

Relentless. They’ll stop at nothing until you respond to their messages.