Demographic Profiles

How to Reach Voters with Authenticity

Insights from recent post-election research funded by the United States Postal Service and conducted by Summit Research following the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial elections and 2020 national elections highlight the variances in how different demographics interact with direct mail and other political advertising channels – and have the power to impact the outcome of elections. Read our demographic profiles factsheets to learn how campaigns can effectively communicate and resonate authentically with complex and diverse voters:

Hispanic Voters

Hispanic voters value a culturally relevant approach in direct mail pieces – built on authenticity, attention to detail, and effective design.

Black Voters

Black voters find information received by direct mail to be memorable, factual, and trustworthy – particularly when it’s designed with nuance and authenticity.

Women and Men Voters

The nuanced differences between women and men voters offers an opportunity to target each separately as an effective way to reach, persuade, and motivate both demographics.

Young Voters

Reaching Gen Z voters and Millennial voters is critical for campaigns as these demographics develop lifelong voting habits.