April 15, 2024

Collage of three political consultants, each representing a different campaign persona.

What’s your campaign persona?

Political campaigns are run by a unique cast of characters—each with their own persona.

Some may thrive on chaos while others are extreme planners. Even though you have different work styles and roles, you all have one thing in common—your goal to deliver the win.

Which persona do you identify with most?

No matter your role, direct mail can help you reach and connect with voters in a way that no other medium can.

Illustration of a smiling woman wearing glasses and dangling earrings.

The Multitasker

Calm, collected, confident.

Composed efficiency is your MO. You seamlessly juggle responsibilities and are the heartbeat of the campaign operation. You’re a team player but stay focused on accomplishing your goals amidst the organized chaos.

Your priorities include:

  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of the election, voter sentiment, and every aspect of your campaign.
  • Maximizing omni-channel opportunities that generate return on investment.

How direct mail supports your role:

  • Delivers first-party data to give you deeper insights into your constituents.
  • Strengthens your ability to successfully integrate messaging across channels.

Nearly 2/3 of voters said mail strengthened what they saw in other political ads.1

Illustration of a scowling man wearing a tie and square glasses.

The Extreme Planner

Attentive, prepared, meticulous.

Your backup plan has a backup plan. You’ve mapped out the entire campaign schedule to reach voters down to the wire when the polls close.

Your priorities include:

  • Mapping out optimal timeframes that coincide with the best channels to target voters.
  • Capitalizing on critical election milestones to gain support, build credibility, and secure votes.

How direct mail supports your role:

  • Keeps voters informed on campaign initiatives, events, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) milestones.
  • Helps your campaign build trust.

63% of surveyed voters said that direct mail remains the most credible political advertising channel.2

Illustration of a man smirking with his arms crossed.

The Over-Communicator

Determined, dialed-in, extroverted.

Getting your message across is your obsession. You utilize every form of communication available and prioritize accuracy and reach. Your focus is to help voters stay hyper-informed, involved, and active.

Your priorities include:

  • Educating voters on who your candidate is and how they can become an advocate.
  • Informing voters on how to register to vote and other necessary voting requirements.

How direct mail supports your role:

  • Empowers you to target voters with personalized messages that resonate.
  • Helps increase interaction and visibility.

48% of Americans say that mail drove them to search online for more information about a candidate or campaign.2

Bottom line.

Direct mail can support every persona and give your campaign the edge you need to win voters over.

Illustration of the outside of a campaign headquarters building.

Dive into Campaign Headquarters

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