May 1, 2024

Headshot photo collage of baby boomer and Gen X aged male and female voters.

Why baby boomer and Gen X voters need to be on your 2024 campaign radar

Underestimating the voting power of baby boomers and Gen X can be a critical mistake. These generations still have a powerful voice and represent key voting blocs that can make or break an election.

Voters ages 50 and older were a larger share (64%) of the total number of voters in 2022, higher than the past three elections.1

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As we all know, technology has vastly changed the way voters engage throughout election cycles. But traditional channels still carry a lot of weight with these demographics.
In fact:

60% of boomers
47% of Gen X

say TV is their top source for candidate information.2

68% of boomers
67% of Gen X

read political mail upon seeing it.2

<25% of boomers
<25% of Gen X

find social media to be a credible and persuasive form of political outreach.2

So how can you ensure your campaign resonates with these key demographics? With mail.

Get personal.

Increase the relevancy of your campaign communications by including topics that are important to them.

75%+ of older voters are more willing to read political mail if it discusses how the candidate is relevant to them.2

Reinforce your messages.

Coordinate your messaging with popular channels for this audience, like television.

An average of 62% of boomer and Gen X voters agree that political mail reinforced the information they saw on television or online advertisements.2

Keep them informed.

Highlight election information like voting requirements and milestones to keep these generations educated on how to take action.

Over 50% of older voters are more likely to read political mail if it includes information about early voting and day-of-election polling locations and hours.2

Connect your digital and physical touchpoints.

Give voters the ability to interact digitally with your mail before they receive it in the mailbox using Informed Delivery® interactive campaigns.

More than 50% of Informed Delivery users recall seeing political mail.2

Bottom line.

Baby boomer and Gen X voters need to stay top of mind in your campaign strategy. Campaign mail is a huge opportunity to connect with these important constituents and earn their vote.

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