November 15, 2023

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The three “T” strategy for a winning campaign

Timing. Tailoring. Targeting. The trifecta for successful voter outreach.

They all matter equally when it comes to making that all-important connection with voters that drives them to act. And when they work in harmony, you are helping set your campaign up for success.

Let’s break down why each is important in its own right:


When you send your message to voters can matter as much as the message itself. Finding that timing “sweet spot” can help increase your impact and more importantly, your influence.

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Too early

(more than 3 months)

Some voters aren’t actively engaged or interested yet.1

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Too late

(less than 1 month)

Some voters have already made their decision.1

Every single voter interaction matters. When you time and sequence your online and offline ad campaigns across channels, it not only helps voters feel that your candidate is consistent—which can help build trust—it reinforces your message, so it stays top of mind.

Fact: 64% of surveyed voters agreed that political mail reinforced information they saw on television and online political advertising.2


In today’s divisive political climate, authenticity stands out. So how do you make an authentic connection? With personalization. When you tailor your messages to individuals, it lets them know you care about what matters to them. It opens the door for your campaign to connect at a deeper level, which increases the likelihood of engagement.

Fact: When Hispanic voters received political mail in Spanish, it increased the likelihood they would read the mail piece by 51%.2


Demographics are an important tool for campaigns. When you know information such as age, race, or geographic location, it helps increase your targeting potential. Today’s voters want you to speak to them by interest and position on key issues like the environment, education, healthcare, and other social issues that are important to them. When you give them what they want, they are more likely to listen.

Fact: 55% think it is important that campaign mail campaigns speak to them directly in terms of issues they care most about.2

The magic happens when they work together.

Timing, tailoring, and targeting are the foundation of a direct mail campaign. That’s what makes it such a powerful channel. With direct mail’s ability to help your campaign precisely target the best voters by demographics at the right time, you can create highly personalized messaging that breaks through.

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